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Personal circumstances around late 1997 through to 1999 mean that my memories are a tad on the cloudy side as far as specifics are concerned. I do know that I met a couple of people who were to have a significant impact on my future in the industry… one of whom I’ve done a lot of work with over the years.

Basically around that time I saw that by trying to do more for Aussie businesses on the web, and getting my name out there, that I could grab some more web design work. And one of the ways to do that was to take the “SydWest” concept and enlarge on it a little more…

You know…

“Today, Sydney. Tomorrow – The World!”

(can you hear the evil maniacal laughter there?)

Well, not quite the world. Australia should be an easier target.

So it was time to set up my first Aussie directory where people could promote their Australian web site for free. To be brutally honest, that concept never really took off. There was no real “hook” to inspire the masses. I mean it wasn’t a “Google” or a “Yahoooooo” (and my “aha” moment was yet to come).

Around that time I also began work on Give An Aussie A Go – which had a very unique way at showcasing Aussie businesses, products, towns and regions to the world. It was interesting… We got a lot of good Press, and even got onto the Tele too!

Again – unfortunately – it was far too innovative for the time! It’s not easy being a trailblazer on the frontier of technology!

But the seeds were sown, and the “Aussie” ideas were beginning to flow!

Fast forward to now…

It seems good ideas never die… they just get re-vamped!

That first “directory” now has a new leash on life as an outlet for some affiliate products I promote and is due to get a redesign shortly…

And Give An Aussie A Go? Well, it too has been recently reborn into a handpicked collection of Aussie ideas, information and web sites. This new leash on life has meant some renewed interest in the site… again I also partly credit this to using WordPress as the CMS.

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