Back In The Good Ole Days…

My first web site, Australia’s Careers Online, was launched in July of 1995, while I was in my final stint of a 16 year long career as a High School Careers Adviser.

This web site was based on my (self) published “Ideas for Careers” teaching masters which had been sold to Aussie schools for the previous 4 years.

Careers OnLine was the very first Australian based career information web site to be launched on the Internet.

Seriously 🙂

It was “serious” enough for me to resign from teaching in November 1995, to begin my new full-time career of self-employment.

Back in ’95 I intended to make a living by selling “space” at what was going to be a “virtual careers fair”. However, 1995/96 was very early days for the Internet, and there was a LOT of doubt and uncertainty about the ‘net as an advertising medium.

It was a hard sell, with little actual reward (financially).

And that meant I had to look further afield to get “work”.

Fast forward to now…

Today Careers OnLine still serves 80,000+ visitors every month of the year and pays its way through Adsense and affiliate earnings.

I think it’s pretty incredible that I’ve been able to help that many people every month through the Internet! I mean… at current rates, that’s almost 1,000,000 people a year!

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