Clarity From Change

A recent move to the Gold Coast (Nov 2011) from the sleepy coastal village I had been in for the previous 11 years, has provided the impetus needed for some significant change in what I have been doing – in life, work, the universe etc 🙂 Certainly the change in “lifestyle” has had an impact […]

Can You Earn Money Online?

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on developing content for a complete course in Internet Marketing based on my years of experience (since 1995) online as a web designer. This IS something I have been labouring over for many years, so I finally decided I would get something actually “happening” with […]

The GFC and Online Marketing

Well the first big GFC (Global Financial Crisis) in late 2008 had a huge impact on my online earnings. The main revenue source (Adsense) nosedived significantly in the months following that as advertisers cut back on their spending. It seems a lot of them either stopped spending on advertising, or simply reduced the CPC (cost […]

Plan “B” Possibilities

There was (and still is) a real need for a “Plan B” to supplement my income long-term, instead of putting all my eggs in the Google basket! So I’ve tried several things to do just that… Affiliate Marketing First up, you’d put affiliate marketing into that bag… I’ve tried several “networks” with varying degrees of […]

Enter My Saviour…

Earning a buck on the Internet wasn’t easy… and it still isn’t. Not really! The early days of web design were a bit like when desktop publishing was introduced! Supposedly “anyone” could do it! Heck there were even software packages available through my son’s primary school for 8 year olds to do their own web […]

That “Aha” Moment!

One of the things that leads to the success of many companies on the Internet has been their choice of name. Think “Yahoo” and the success it obtained as a search engine at the time. Now of course, “Google” is the brand universally recognisable as meaning “search”. My “aha” moment was when I realised back […]

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Personal circumstances around late 1997 through to 1999 mean that my memories are a tad on the cloudy side as far as specifics are concerned. I do know that I met a couple of people who were to have a significant impact on my future in the industry… one of whom I’ve done a lot […]

Bring Out The “Snake Oil”

It’s very interesting that, with any new form of technology, you get all sorts of people trying to flog it… and they make all sorts of very weird claims in the process! And in 1996/1997 there were ALL sorts of snake oil peddlers making very inaccurate and outlandish claims about the “power” of the Internet! […]

New Fangled Technology – The World Wide Web

Remember… It WAS 1996, and the Internet was new fangled technology then! Back then my first 14.4k modem cost $400… fax machines were the size of photocopiers… and mobile phones were as big as bricks! I lived in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia at the time… so after a fair bit of head scratching […]

Back In The Good Ole Days…

My first web site, Australia’s Careers Online, was launched in July of 1995, while I was in my final stint of a 16 year long career as a High School Careers Adviser. This web site was based on my (self) published “Ideas for Careers” teaching masters which had been sold to Aussie schools for the […]