Enter My Saviour…

Earning a buck on the Internet wasn’t easy… and it still isn’t. Not really! The early days of web design were a bit like when desktop publishing was introduced! Supposedly “anyone” could do it! Heck there were even software packages available through my son’s primary school for 8 year olds to do their own web pages… that’s how “easy” it is!


But you can’t really tell the public that, and my competition was hotting up, with the “kid-next-door” and “Joe Blow” all able to do the same thing I could… and they could do it for peanuts too! And you know what you get when you pay peanuts don’t you? Hmmm.

So one of the reasons I started setting up this “network” of sites/directories in the first place was to earn some money from people who were interested in paid advertising.

Well good luck with that!

The Internet was, and still is, essentially all about “free”!

If people think they can get something for nothing, they will be reluctant to pay money for something they see as “similar” – even though we both know it probably isn’t!

So things were a bit slow, but I was building both pages and traffic on the handful of sites I had. Something must happen soon.

And it did!

Google’s Adsense program was launched in mid 2003, and I jumped on that bandwagon in July of that year. At first, I put just a few ads on my Careers OnLine site to “see what might happen”.

It didn’t take me long to put those little ads on EVERY page on that site! Actually within a couple of days, that’s how significant this program was! I actually had some reasonable money coming in – for once!

And then – change all the other sites to include this new form of advertising, designed it seems, especially for small, struggling web publishers just like me!


Adsense has been my saviour! and still is!

It allowed me to be a stay-at-home single dad, and not worry too much about going back to a “real” J.O.B.

But while I continue to add new sites to my network, and have mechanisms in place to add new content to my existing sites (and NOT by scraping other people’s work), the Google income fluctuates too much for my liking. One month I can pull in US$3800 (my best ever) and then shortly after, I’m lucky to get $2100. If I can’t average at least US$100 a day then I start to get a little pannicky, and I certainly love it when the Aussie dollar is down as it’s worth 25% more on the conversion!

So there’s been a real need for a “Plan B” to supplement my income long-term, instead of putting all my eggs in the Google basket!

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