That “Aha” Moment!

One of the things that leads to the success of many companies on the Internet has been their choice of name. Think “Yahoo” and the success it obtained as a search engine at the time. Now of course, “Google” is the brand universally recognisable as meaning “search”.

My “aha” moment was when I realised back in late 2001 that no-one had registered the domain name “Come On Aussie”.

Now remember, the “Aussie” theme was what I was working on building, and nothing says “Australian” more than that expression – mainly because the catchy little jingle “Come On Aussie Come On” was the anthem of World Series Cricket back in the late 1970’s.

And wasn’t I a happy chappy when I realised no-one had the domain name!

Why not? What could be the problem? Was it trademarked? Could you be sued?

Oh dang it – just do it! Go and get it registered and deal with the consequences (if any) later!

And so Come On Aussie was born.

First cab off the rank was a revamp of my original Aussie web directory, under the new name. A name which meant something – to Australians anyway 🙂

A name which one day just might have the same “impact” on the Aussie public as Yahoo or Google.

Well, fast forward almost seven years on to today – and while it might not be that “big” on the scene,

  1. it does have industry recognition (many big web design and SEO firms regularly add their clients sites to the directory)
  2. we’ve just passed our 10,000th listing milestone, which is quite a remarkable achievement for a site with no big corporate backing, and
  3. it’s now serving over 100,000 visitors every month!

And that’s why I’ve got green and gold web sites plastered all over the place now!

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